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 I had FUUUUNNNN today and I got a new piece of furniture for Daniel... 

So here goes...

Title: The Piano Lesson
Artists: At the Piano - Doctor D. Jackson, photography by Anne, distracting the piano player - General Jack O'Neill    
Pairing: Jack/Daniel 12inch
Rating: Again, PG ... but going on adult... depends on how open minded you are... 
Warnings: None. Well, maybe... naked dolls are not as pretty as their real versions are

There is no text on these because, well, there is no text needed. But omg omg the piano ... it is the most wonderful thing. I got from Etsy and it comes from Belgium and is hand crafted (and yes, it was expensive, and no I'm not gonna tell how much... :P ) My excuse is... I have none. But I once did a manip with Daniel and Jack and a piano long ago and it always was a special one for me and when I saw the piano, I just HAD to...

Sadly some of these are not as crisp as they should have been. I don't have a camera atm and had to take my phone and sometimes it's not very good for taking dollie pics :(

Have fun! I did!
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 Hellooo... 'waves'

I know I've been absent from my DW a long time (at least from my own, I did comment here and there tho). Real life has been demanding in several ways (good and not so good) - but you all know what that's like, I guess, and can relate. 


A couple of weeks ago the wonderfully talented [personal profile] dieastra has created a Jack O'Neill dress blues figure for me and it turned out beautifully. You have to look at the details on his uniform, they are amazing and the whole figure turned out GREAT. Thank you, thank you, for taking the time and creating him for me. 

Here are a couple of piccies. I went and bought a new Daniel doll as well because no Jack of mine can be without a matching Daniel. It's not all that easy these days to find figures for a reasonable price and I had to order him in the USA and have him shipped to a dear friend who then sent him off to me. I wanted one in a suit, but there wasn't a suit-Daniel so I settled for a Daniel in blue BDU even though it's an SGA Daniel. But he came with an ZPM :)

So here are pics... one is PG (kissing men!)... the others are G-rated :)
Pretties under here )

Hey, Astra, I sent these to you in an e-mail too - but I guess it has gotten lost again. I really wonder what's up with that. 

Hugs to all and I'm looking forward to reading all the posted ficathon stories soon!

Anne :)

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The wonderful [personal profile] princessofgeeks is hosting this years Jack/Daniel Ficathon! While I have no time (and apparently no muse :( ) to commit to anything I'm delighted we do have another J/D ficathon! It gives me the warm feeling of hope that our fandom is still alive! Thank you everyone who is participating and offering their stories and artwork! I'll be reading for sure!  

This year's Jack/Daniel Ficathon is open for prompts through midnight USA Central Time on May 31.

[personal profile] sallymn created the lovely banner! The link is in there, when you click it, it will lead you to the J/D Ficathon community - have fun!

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Still Jack and Daniel – The Rainbow Series 1/4
Part I: Building a Rainbow (Eleven)
By: Annejackdanny
Rated: I would rate it gen, but it might be more appropriate for teens because of the LGBT subject. So it’s somewhere in the middle of gen and teen
Category: LD, aware, birthday fic, bits of fluff, bits of angst (but not too angsty), LGBT rights issues, Jack/Big Daniel slash
Warnings: I always put a language warning up, just in case :) I am not sure if the LGBT rights theme needs a warning, but just to be on the safe side..: this is about LGBT youth rights and it also deals with dawning puberty and all the little things that happen when hormones start messing with our kids bodies – even though it’s all harmless and just blossoming here.
See more notes etc at AO3...

The muse has decided to return to me and play with these guys again, I'm grateful and happy and I'm trying to keep her here with me for a while if I can :) 

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OMG, I'm writing.

I'm writing SG-1.

I've been swamped with rl stuff so much the last couple of weeks and even before that I have not written a single SG-1 related word in SIX MONTHS. And now I am. I am writing. WRITING! Real words. Good words (I hope). Jack and Daniel words. Little Daniel words, too.

I am over the moon.

That's all.

I LOVE fandom THIS much <3 <3 <3....

Big Hugs to you all! 
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This morning I went through my old video files and found a couple of vids from way back ...

I have them on my website somewhere, but it's easier to dl from here. 

My vidding days might be over (never say never though...) but I sure had fun with da boyz through the years... I will post a couple more over the next days.

Here is Jack/Daniel at their best. 

Song is "Please Don't Leave me" by Pink

They argue and they fight, but in the end it's all about love :)

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I finished one piece for the thon for Sid!

I'm considering to do one more if the muse keeps up with me.

There's a thon starting on Sunday, March 22nd. If you haven't read about it yet, go to [personal profile] jdjunkie 's place and see all the details and the no-rule rule!

It's for Sid and it's Jack/Daniel - Jack and Daniel based!

Two more days...

Hugs to all,

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This is from last year, but I just found it again and thought I'd share :) 

I'm in the mood for some holiday cheer and this is the season... so here's some J/D Happies :) 

I won't rate this even PG because it's just cuddling and not 'in your face' nudity.

Feel the Love )
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I'm almost done with cleaning up the Sunday panel transcript, I have to figure out a couple of places where it's difficult to get the words... but it will be here soon. Here are a couple of pictures first.

Sunday Morning Autographs... He was very nice and it was very easy to actually talk to him. He told me he'd just gotten the script for the new SH episode the night before and I asked him if it was good and he grinned and said, "I'm nooot telling!' :)

And here are panel pics... I had to play with the colors and lightning a lot because they all had yellow or red faces so now it's more blueish and I'm not sure this looks better, but I think it's better than the yellow "g" 

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There's a new comm on DW - and there's something for everyone!

Be it slash, het, gen - you'll find lots of great fic, art, vids in there! 

The mods are [personal profile] eilidh17 and [personal profile] magnavox_23 


Event Horizons is a multi-genre challenge community for Stargate fanworks.

The idea of the community is to post a variety of challenge ideas, all aimed to promoting and enhancing our wonderful fandom.

I'm more or less a J/D gal only, but this sounds like fun and it is keeping our fandom alive, so please spread the word and make it known that there is a new Stargate place for writers, artists and vidders :)


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Here are some pics. The lightning wasn't very good so I had to fiddle with all my pics a lot. If she comes across as a little bit pale it's because I had to tone them down a bit. She was really shiny and looked absolutely great. Make 'em big by click...A-Tapps on Saturday )

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Okay, first off I have to tell you that I only did three 'notes' on the AT panel. That was partly because I was in a front row and they were watching very closely that day so I felt kind of insecure and didn't want to risk taking too many 'notes' :) Plus, I was very VERY tired that night from a very exhausting and emotionally draining day (not in a bad way, mind you, but still exhausting) and I had a hard time concentrating and staying focused.

But funnily enough I remember more of A-Tapp's panel than I do of the trio panels – which might be because I wasn't distracted by RDA and MS so much, grins. I also have to say that I really enjoyed her panel and she's such a darling. AT is funny and entertaining and kind and she answered all the questions (the embarrassing and weird ones, too) as best as she could and took each of them seriously.


Sam and I grew up together )


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The opening ceremony was already a lot of fun. I won't get into anyone else, but it seemed all the stars were in a good mood and looking forward to the convention. MS was first of the SG-1 guys and he was in his typical show-on-hiatus look. Scruffy and long hair. He was also wearing that really nice leather jacket... and that awful hat he already wore in Calgary "g" 

He came on stage and his first words were: “I brought Richard Dean Anderson's hair with me.”

Amanda was next and they hugged and kissed and giggled and then RDA came on stage and – I don't know what's that about, but MS has the tendency to crack up from just looking at him, which is hilarious. So RDA came on stage, goofing around, and MS started laughing and AT started laughing and well, there were hugs and stuff and somehow RDA and MS got into some animated conversation about something (maybe the hockey game, but I have no clue) and then there was a lot of partying and the opening ceremony went on and MS and AT danced, which was cute.

Nichelle Nicholes, who was the oldest star of the con sang and everyone gave her a standing ovation. She's 82 and such a darling and while she had to take many breaks during her autograph hours I think she gave everything she could. I am pulling my hat for her traveling this far at her age to see the fans and have panels. I know that Bill Shatner is her age as well and that Walter Koenig is not healthy and that both of them have been over here, too, two years ago. So I'm saluting to my beloved ST-there-can-be-only-one-original-crew actors for still coming over here and entertaining the fans.

Right after the opening ceremony RDA's first (and only) alone panel started and I have some excerpts for you. But please bear with me because some of it I just didn't get and some of it was hard to understand and some of the questions were even harder to understand... :)

RDA wore a red shirt and dark pants and I thought he looked great. I think he lost some weight and he cut his hair - I have a thing for his hair and it was just ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gooooooood, being able to see him (with his hair) up and close. 'ehm'

Anyway... he kept up with most of the questions and if he couldn't he just entertained us with his charming, goofy self. He fiddled a lot with his hair and pulled at his shirt and, well, we all know he can't stand still for five minute, so he was all over the stage and hard to pin down for pictures. I loved every minute of the panel even though the trio panels were my favorites.


Thursday Panel RDA )
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I thought I post some of my living room background pics I created over the years. I wish the real owner of the house would have given tours where people could have taken real pictures, lololol. These caps have been bad in the first place, so they can only be used for small manips, I guess. Or need even more up-touching. But this is all I could do with them.



(click to make bigger)

And random living room pictures

(click to make bigger)

Just in case anyone wants to use them for something, feel free to do so, just credit, please.

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I know it's kind of saaad... but there'll be another one in the house theme that isn't sad at all :)


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And my other entry for fall...  I played with some art filters, not sure if I like it, but it's supposed to be water color, lol.

(click to embig)

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Here's my fall cabin picture for the day... enjoy (click to make bigger)


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This is a wallpaper from a couple years ago. I did them for a zine and they have long since timed out, but I don't think I posted them aynwhere (though I might be wrong, don't hold me to it... oy)

Click to embiggen :)

Here is spring...

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Actually, I don't think I ever posted these here... I made these a couple of years ago for a zine, and it has the four seasons theme as well. It's a cabin - happy place theme. Since I didn't think of posting the spring one yesterday, I'll do that in a seperate post.



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