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For those of you who read my kidfic stuffs... I was bitten by a cheery Christmas plot bunny the week before Christmas and actually managed to find the time to write - something I haven't done much this year. So, YAY!

It's Christmas fluff, Santa Jack, cookies, tinsel, Jack and Daniel coziness, cute kids, a tree and lots of general holiday love.

Title: Resurrection - Santa Clause is coming to Town
Author: Annejackdanny
Rated G
Category: LD (partially aware), Jack/Daniel (very milld), the tiniest hint (blink and you miss it) at Sam/Janet, AU, Christmas, fluff, kidfic

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I finally did it!

I finished Resurrection!

It should have been finished a loooong time ago, but real life got in the way and the muse took a hike in between. Thankfully it returned and was willing to play with me right to the end, so YAY!

I know it's a very long read, but I posted all the other parts together, so I didn't want to break this one up either. I hope at least some of you can take the time to read and find it worth the time it takes to get through all 8 chapters plus the epilogue. I also hope you all will enjoy the artwork, too. I want to thank [personal profile] antares_dw for allowing me to use her lovely pottery Jack/Daniel manip. It's at the bottom of this post (and at the end of the story on AO3). It wasn't originally made for this story, but it struck me as perfect to go with it.

Thank you to [personal profile] tanis for her hard work of red inking (all remaining mistakes are mine and mine alone), to
[personal profile] sgdiva  and  [personal profile] ernutet for their hand holding and cheerleading, especially on the home stretch!

Title: Resurrection Part VIII - Home Stretch
Author: Annejackdanny
Artist: Annejackdanny (included one artwork by Antares)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Type: Slash Jack/Daniel
Rating: Teens and up because of m/m sexual situations (not very explicit, but there's kissing and touching and nudity and the likes...)
Word Count: Part VIII - 42,321 words
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, SG-1
Warnings/Spoilers: h/c, angst, spoilers for Abyss, Meridian and other pre-season six episodes
Summary: See part I of this series for overall summary.
SG-1 has been brought back together, they will do everything to get home now. But will they be able to? And if they do, what will their lives be like from here on?

Author's Notes:

It's not easy to say goodbye to this set of characters. In this case I have to admit I'm a bit in love with my original chracters, too. I have never created a cast of original characters like this before and I have grown to love them dearly, especially Mania who has enriched this story with her joyful charisma. I think this is actually the first time I've given Danny a girlfriend "grin" 

A note of caution for all of you canon lovers out there. This story has been labeled AU from the beginning and it really goes AU from here on out. But everyone will be where they belong and with whom they belong in the end and everyone will be happy. So, that's what really counts, at least for me. Please give me some slack regarding any technical data and details of plantlife, symbiote poison, naquadah, force fields and nanites. I did research things as good as I could, but this is, after all, still fiction and should be treated as such. Thank you!

See other notes in masterpost at AO3

The link will take you to the entire series. If you've read all the other parts you just click on Part VIII - Home Stretch


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