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The last time I worked on a vid was three years or so ago - give or take a couple months - and my vidding muse had taken a hike and left me. The most I did on a video was creating manips for a couple of vids by the wonderfully talented [personal profile] darcy and that was about it.

So it is with great joy and happiness I can say that for this project my vidding muse showed up rather unexpected and planted herself in my lap, not willing to leave until this was done. I'm grateful and while I don't know if she will stick around - vidding is a very time consuming and work intense hobby for me - I am happy she dropped by for a visit. :)

This happened for a dear friend who needed a) a cheer up and positive vibes and b) she had written a story that moved me so deeply, i had to do something with it. So I took my vague idea to darcy and we brainstormed a little here and there and came up with this vid. Another friend of ours, [personal profile] marzipan77 cheered us on and delivered beautiful words for the end credits and we all poured our love into this - to our friend and to her story that enchanted us in many ways.

You will find the video and the story (a gen and a mildly slash version) and podcasts to the story here

The Story is "Song of the Sword" - the video to go with it is "Reignite"

You might want to read "Breath of an Elf" first, since it's the Prequel to "Song of the Sword" but it is no must. "Song of the Sword" works very well as a stand alone story. But you should read "Song of the Sword" before watching the video as it makes more sense that way.
It's Aragorn/Legolas friendship/love but it's also a story about Aragorn finding it in himself to accept his heritage and re-bonds with Elrond. It's also a story that says loves conquers all and has no boundaries.



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