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I just got up this morning and found an e-mail in my inbox from tvshowsondvd with the wonderful news....

I have no idea how much - if any - part our little marathon to motivate ppl to vote had in this because we would have needed a lot more votes to make it happen simply based on the voting imho. I guess it has been 'cooking' for some time, but it sure didn't hurt to do a little PR for the show and try to get ppl to vote again. :) :) :) 

I'm DELIGHTED because it's finally happening after twenty years! 'throws confetti and dances all over the place'

I'm going to celebrate with my morning coffee now!

Please share this anywhere you like because I think that only those who voted at the online petition will get the e-mail with the announcement. All the 500 + peeps who signed the petition at the cons might not receive word from tvshowsondvd.

There's also a pic of the cover already.. It looks NICE! 

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I know there is not much interest in the Legend thing on here, but I'm still going to post it because it's out there and maybe at least some of you want to share this or people who are not on my may f-list find it here by chance (or tags) and want to share it... one never knows what's going to happen.

We are still trying to get Legend on DVD no matter how slim the chances ...

We haz a video now and we will be at London Comic Con to hand out stickers and have a real petition. But until then we'd like you to watch and share and go, vote...

Thank you :) :) We are now returning you to your usual program...



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This goes out to my fellow RDA fans in the hope that the word will be spread all over the internet! 'throws pom poms' Over at a project was started by Ducky, who goes as Alex the Snowdiver on Twitter and is spreading the word there as well. The goal is to get Paramount to finally release 'Legend' on DVD.

There were petitions in the past and tries to make them listen, but it always fell on deaf ears. Nowadays, however, so many TV Shows - even small ones - are released on DVD so maybe we can make this happen now.

You won't have to be a member of the rdanderson forum to paritcipate. It's a fan project that just started there.

Ducky allowed me to copy her original post so that's what I'm doing with a bit of re-wording and adding...
Help us to get Legend on DVD )

Here the post ends. I don't know if Paramount will 'hear' us, but I've started writing e-mails and I also voted. And there's a contact form where you could hand in a request for 'Legend' here

And you can go and RT this or make a tweet about this using the hashtag #LegendonDVD: So, whether you ask for 'Legend' for for the above suggested 'Legend/MacGyver' edition, or just want to help putting this out there - Any vote and word, e-mail, tweet, FB post would be so much appreciated, thank you! Hugs, Anne


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