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It's been a while since I posted anything at all. Today I capped an episode of Legend and thought I'd share some of the Legend wallpapers I did this year.

If anyone is interested - there are screencaps up for 9 episodes of Legend so far at [community profile] nicodemus_noted 
The caps are free to download. If the links have expired, please contact me and I'll give you new ones. Just take the time and credit us if you share these anywhere, thank you.
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With the recent release of legend on DVD, [personal profile] magnavox_23  and I (though she did all the work!) have created a comm for anything and everything Legend. [community profile] nicodemus_noted  is on Dreamwidth as well as Livejournal. Feel free to join in, first time viewer or seasoned fan, all are welcome. <3

There are already screencaps for the pilot "Birth of a Legend" and they are awesome!

Come, wander in, take a look around, say hi... have some tea (Legend style or real tea)! And if you happen to know other Legend or RDA fans who might be interested, please spread the word.

:) Anne

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This goes out to my fellow RDA fans in the hope that the word will be spread all over the internet! 'throws pom poms' Over at a project was started by Ducky, who goes as Alex the Snowdiver on Twitter and is spreading the word there as well. The goal is to get Paramount to finally release 'Legend' on DVD.

There were petitions in the past and tries to make them listen, but it always fell on deaf ears. Nowadays, however, so many TV Shows - even small ones - are released on DVD so maybe we can make this happen now.

You won't have to be a member of the rdanderson forum to paritcipate. It's a fan project that just started there.

Ducky allowed me to copy her original post so that's what I'm doing with a bit of re-wording and adding...
Help us to get Legend on DVD )

Here the post ends. I don't know if Paramount will 'hear' us, but I've started writing e-mails and I also voted. And there's a contact form where you could hand in a request for 'Legend' here

And you can go and RT this or make a tweet about this using the hashtag #LegendonDVD: So, whether you ask for 'Legend' for for the above suggested 'Legend/MacGyver' edition, or just want to help putting this out there - Any vote and word, e-mail, tweet, FB post would be so much appreciated, thank you! Hugs, Anne


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