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 Hi Everyone!

I'm ticking off stuff on my 'to-do-list' and this is my first deed today :)

I know I've been quiet and not posting much around here or in general. Real life is busy (not in a bad way atm, thank god, just busy) and happy fandom life these day means to hole up with my laptop and write without being distracted by weird fans posting weird stuff on twitter or fans bullying each other or fans whining about this and that on twitter also :p 

Here are a couple of things I want to write about today:Read more... )
- For those of you who have been reading stories or watching vids on my website at Anne's Happy Place and were wondering why it's been down for a whle now:
I really had no idea it was down until a friend e-mailed me to let me know it was down and to ask when will it be up again. Shame on me for not checking on my own website in such a long time that I did not even realize it was down. After talking to my hubby I found out that our net provider has been sold to another net provider and apparently they have purged all free websites running under the old provider. I don't know if we even got notice - I can't remember getting anything from them. But it's gone and won't be back :( 
I do have the offline version of the site and all my stuff backed up of course, but I need time to figure out where and how to built me a new 'home' for my stuff. All my stories are up at AO3 and will remain there of course so reading is not a problem. But videos and the whole Little Danny Headquarter section of my website including parties and all the little gems the LD group has created through the years will need a new home. Since I had no traffic counter on my website I have no idea if ppl even still went there to read/watch etc so I am not sure if there are peeps out there who simply thought I left or stopped participating in fandom because it's been a while since I last posted a story too... but I'm still around, I'm still here. I still love my Jack and Daniel and my LD. And I will try to get a new website up sooner or later and will let you know when it's up - but it may take a long while until it's finished.
Which brings me to the next subject - writing.
I had a long long dry spell writing wise. I did not write a single word in 2016 until December came around and the muse woke up from its beauty sleep. So I am still writing and working on two stories, both set in the SJD verse. One is finished, the other one will hopefully be finished in a couple of weeks/months (one never knows how much the muse loves to play and how rl will behave). Since the second story is set before the first one I won't start -posting until they are both finished and dusted over, but this is just to let you know I'm still working on fiction and having a ball with it. It jut takes longer than it used to these days. 
To that end - thank you to my readers for your patience and for sticking with me.

- I created a new community over here which is called [community profile] rdadaily and was supposed to be crossposting with the LJ community rda_daily. I did that mostly because of LJ's connection to Russia and wanted to move the community over here and keep crossposting to LJ so that LJ users can still see the pics. Now it seems that LJ has disabled DW from crossposting and I either have to post to both communities separately or just stay at LJ since most ppl who still watch that community seem to be LJ user. Am still trying to decide what to do. I don't think Russia has any interest in RDA pictures and won't start tracking what's going on there :p But it still feels a bit unsettling, all of it.
EDIT::: And then again, crossposting actually still seems to work or is working again! Okay, so now I'm confused! But this means I can start posting pics and cross post... 'throws up hands' Oh well, lol
Okay, that's it. I hope you all have a nice spring and a lovely week. 
Big Hugs,


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