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With the recent release of legend on DVD, [personal profile] magnavox_23  and I (though she did all the work!) have created a comm for anything and everything Legend. [community profile] nicodemus_noted  is on Dreamwidth as well as Livejournal. Feel free to join in, first time viewer or seasoned fan, all are welcome. <3

There are already screencaps for the pilot "Birth of a Legend" and they are awesome!

Come, wander in, take a look around, say hi... have some tea (Legend style or real tea)! And if you happen to know other Legend or RDA fans who might be interested, please spread the word.

:) Anne

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I know there is not much interest in the Legend thing on here, but I'm still going to post it because it's out there and maybe at least some of you want to share this or people who are not on my may f-list find it here by chance (or tags) and want to share it... one never knows what's going to happen.

We are still trying to get Legend on DVD no matter how slim the chances ...

We haz a video now and we will be at London Comic Con to hand out stickers and have a real petition. But until then we'd like you to watch and share and go, vote...

Thank you :) :) We are now returning you to your usual program...




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