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Okay, I will have to type the first five or so minutes of this panel (and some stuff in between) from my memory and since it's been over a week now... bear with me, please. Again, if anyone wants to fill in blanks, correct me, add something etc, feel free to point stuff out, I'll be grateful!

The Sunday panel was RDA, MS, AT, Jay Acovone and Suanne Brown (Jay is the actor who played Kawalsky and Suanne was Hathor). Jay kept pointing out that he died in the very first episode and that he still wasn't over that, lol.

They came on stage and there was a row of chairs right underneath the big screen and MS went to the far right (left from where I was sitting), AT sat down next to him, then Jay. Suanne and RDA were kind of indecisive on who was going to sit where and finally Suanne sat next to Jay and RDA next to her, so he was on the far left (right from where I was sitting).


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I'm almost done with cleaning up the Sunday panel transcript, I have to figure out a couple of places where it's difficult to get the words... but it will be here soon. Here are a couple of pictures first.

Sunday Morning Autographs... He was very nice and it was very easy to actually talk to him. He told me he'd just gotten the script for the new SH episode the night before and I asked him if it was good and he grinned and said, "I'm nooot telling!' :)

And here are panel pics... I had to play with the colors and lightning a lot because they all had yellow or red faces so now it's more blueish and I'm not sure this looks better, but I think it's better than the yellow "g" 

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Here are some pics. The lightning wasn't very good so I had to fiddle with all my pics a lot. If she comes across as a little bit pale it's because I had to tone them down a bit. She was really shiny and looked absolutely great. Make 'em big by click...A-Tapps on Saturday )

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Okay, first off I have to tell you that I only did three 'notes' on the AT panel. That was partly because I was in a front row and they were watching very closely that day so I felt kind of insecure and didn't want to risk taking too many 'notes' :) Plus, I was very VERY tired that night from a very exhausting and emotionally draining day (not in a bad way, mind you, but still exhausting) and I had a hard time concentrating and staying focused.

But funnily enough I remember more of A-Tapp's panel than I do of the trio panels – which might be because I wasn't distracted by RDA and MS so much, grins. I also have to say that I really enjoyed her panel and she's such a darling. AT is funny and entertaining and kind and she answered all the questions (the embarrassing and weird ones, too) as best as she could and took each of them seriously.


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Again, if you want any of the pictures without signature, please e-mail or PM me, just don't share them anywhere on the net. You are welcome to share the ones with text anywhere you like :) click to embiggen...

The transcript is still in the works. It's much harder to do this with all three of them. I have a couple of more things to go to, but I hope to have it up this afternoon.


I have more - want more? Will post more later...


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The opening ceremony was already a lot of fun. I won't get into anyone else, but it seemed all the stars were in a good mood and looking forward to the convention. MS was first of the SG-1 guys and he was in his typical show-on-hiatus look. Scruffy and long hair. He was also wearing that really nice leather jacket... and that awful hat he already wore in Calgary "g" 

He came on stage and his first words were: “I brought Richard Dean Anderson's hair with me.”

Amanda was next and they hugged and kissed and giggled and then RDA came on stage and – I don't know what's that about, but MS has the tendency to crack up from just looking at him, which is hilarious. So RDA came on stage, goofing around, and MS started laughing and AT started laughing and well, there were hugs and stuff and somehow RDA and MS got into some animated conversation about something (maybe the hockey game, but I have no clue) and then there was a lot of partying and the opening ceremony went on and MS and AT danced, which was cute.

Nichelle Nicholes, who was the oldest star of the con sang and everyone gave her a standing ovation. She's 82 and such a darling and while she had to take many breaks during her autograph hours I think she gave everything she could. I am pulling my hat for her traveling this far at her age to see the fans and have panels. I know that Bill Shatner is her age as well and that Walter Koenig is not healthy and that both of them have been over here, too, two years ago. So I'm saluting to my beloved ST-there-can-be-only-one-original-crew actors for still coming over here and entertaining the fans.

Right after the opening ceremony RDA's first (and only) alone panel started and I have some excerpts for you. But please bear with me because some of it I just didn't get and some of it was hard to understand and some of the questions were even harder to understand... :)

RDA wore a red shirt and dark pants and I thought he looked great. I think he lost some weight and he cut his hair - I have a thing for his hair and it was just ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gooooooood, being able to see him (with his hair) up and close. 'ehm'

Anyway... he kept up with most of the questions and if he couldn't he just entertained us with his charming, goofy self. He fiddled a lot with his hair and pulled at his shirt and, well, we all know he can't stand still for five minute, so he was all over the stage and hard to pin down for pictures. I loved every minute of the panel even though the trio panels were my favorites.


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