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A huge thank you to everyone who signed up for this years ficathon.  The signup period has now ended and assignments will be sent out via email on the 19th of July.

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Photobucket f... disaster

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:09 am
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 Hi Evereyone!

I think most of you have heard/read about photobucket changing their terms of use and trying to rob us of our money from now on - it's just Murphy's law that his happened after I spend weeks and weeks to sort through the archive and move pictures around in folders, snort.

Anyway... I have found a new site thanks to 
[personal profile] dieastra  who posted a link to .


and I just registered and find my way around and see if there is an easy way to move all my pics from photobucket here. 

The funny thing is that except of the communities front page picture over at LJ, all my pics are still here so I am a little confused about why that is so. Tons of pics from others are gone, but mine still appear to be there. I have no idea why?

If I knew why, I would probably just try to continue posting on photobucket and see what happens 'scratches head'. But I geuss I'll be better safe than sorry, eh.

Anyway, all of you who are posting pictures on the net, check out this site, it seems pretty easy to use!

Hugs and hang in there,


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