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Okay, I guess it's time to edit my text here... I've finally after six years began to post stuff to my LJ. I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I'm not very outoging when it comes to my fics and arts/vids. And I've seen fandom wanks on LJ that made me run the other way. Let's just say I felt more safe in the yahoo groups I call "home" for a very long time... But I now drew up the courage to come out here and as long as I feel comfy I'll go on with it :)

I'm still not sure how much I'm gonna post out here, probably only links to my fics. And I want to thank everyone who encouraged me over the years and still does and to new readers who leave fb... it's very very much appreciated!

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dogs, dvds, fanart, horses, jack, jack(daniel, kids, music, my home and family, pasta, richard dean anderson
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