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This artwork isn't new... But I wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you are all warm, safe and cozy and at peace. And that you'll be with people you cherish and love over the holidays.

Big Hugs to all my fandom peeps!


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Thx to [personal profile] discodiva76  I realized he was on there and found it on twitter and here you go... :)

I love the graying hair. And everything else of him :) And the mention of MacGyver :) :) :) 

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... to all those who celebrate and to eveyone who just likes to say thanks for something!

And to those who are in a dark or sad place right now and need some cheering up.

Hugs to you all.

Anne :)
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I just got up this morning and found an e-mail in my inbox from tvshowsondvd with the wonderful news....

I have no idea how much - if any - part our little marathon to motivate ppl to vote had in this because we would have needed a lot more votes to make it happen simply based on the voting imho. I guess it has been 'cooking' for some time, but it sure didn't hurt to do a little PR for the show and try to get ppl to vote again. :) :) :) 

I'm DELIGHTED because it's finally happening after twenty years! 'throws confetti and dances all over the place'

I'm going to celebrate with my morning coffee now!

Please share this anywhere you like because I think that only those who voted at the online petition will get the e-mail with the announcement. All the 500 + peeps who signed the petition at the cons might not receive word from tvshowsondvd.

There's also a pic of the cover already.. It looks NICE! 

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'waves madly at everyone'

I got home from my Sweden vacation today and omg it feels wonderful to be home again even though it's blazingly hot in my part of Germany and I'm already knee-deep in laundry and other chores. And the next trip is alreay lurking at the horizon as I'll be going to the Baltic Sea from Monday to Thursday (which is ironical since I just came from there today because  the fairy we crossed over with from Sweden dropped us off at the exact place we'll be going next week, lolol.


I just wanted to say that life is a bit crazy here atm and while I think I managed to read and feedback most of the ficathon stories I think there are still some I haven't read yet, but I will eventualy! Also, I really want to contribute something for the afterparty, but at this point I don't know when. It might be September until I can actually sit down and do art. There's lots going on on my Sea Shepherd forum as well and I missed so much while I was gone - I was barely able to keep up with the many tweets about the Faroe islands (arrrgh) and there's a lot more in that regard I need and want to catch up on and do more translation stuff as well. Same goes for my English CPE - I need to start studying in ernest if I want to keep up and finish that this year... Soooo... lots to do and if I'm not all that active over here it has nothing to do with you lovely people or my Jack/Daniel love... things are just a bit hectic and I've been away (and will be away) a lot this summer. Oy. LOL.

However, I did plot out most of my next Rainbow Series Story while I was away and I hope the muse will be patient and stay with me until I have time to get back to writing, too! I also want to do more scrapbooking this fall. I have three projects floating around in my head I want to do!

Did I say I have lots to do? I do feel energized and I would love to do everything at once but my day needs so many more hours!

Hugs to eveyone who wants 'em!

:) Anne
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I have a lot of footage from the talk on Saturday, however, not all of it. Some of the things he said I have to pull from memory and little bits were hard to understand so I tried filling in some blanks. He was great – and funny. :) And he looked VERY good. Not too tired, not nearly as exhausted as he seemed to be at FedCon. He was really all there.


cranky Mac, Legend stuff, mullet musings... )


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Still Jack and Daniel – The Rainbow Series 1/4
Part I: Building a Rainbow (Eleven)
By: Annejackdanny
Rated: I would rate it gen, but it might be more appropriate for teens because of the LGBT subject. So it’s somewhere in the middle of gen and teen
Category: LD, aware, birthday fic, bits of fluff, bits of angst (but not too angsty), LGBT rights issues, Jack/Big Daniel slash
Warnings: I always put a language warning up, just in case :) I am not sure if the LGBT rights theme needs a warning, but just to be on the safe side..: this is about LGBT youth rights and it also deals with dawning puberty and all the little things that happen when hormones start messing with our kids bodies – even though it’s all harmless and just blossoming here.
See more notes etc at AO3...

The muse has decided to return to me and play with these guys again, I'm grateful and happy and I'm trying to keep her here with me for a while if I can :) 

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I know there is not much interest in the Legend thing on here, but I'm still going to post it because it's out there and maybe at least some of you want to share this or people who are not on my may f-list find it here by chance (or tags) and want to share it... one never knows what's going to happen.

We are still trying to get Legend on DVD no matter how slim the chances ...

We haz a video now and we will be at London Comic Con to hand out stickers and have a real petition. But until then we'd like you to watch and share and go, vote...

Thank you :) :) We are now returning you to your usual program...



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OMG, I'm writing.

I'm writing SG-1.

I've been swamped with rl stuff so much the last couple of weeks and even before that I have not written a single SG-1 related word in SIX MONTHS. And now I am. I am writing. WRITING! Real words. Good words (I hope). Jack and Daniel words. Little Daniel words, too.

I am over the moon.

That's all.

I LOVE fandom THIS much <3 <3 <3....

Big Hugs to you all! 
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I'm going to London Film and Comic Con to see RDA and Michael J Fox. This is the year of Back to the Future and the whole cast (or most of it) will be there and omg, I was such a fan of those movies and I admire MJF and love most of his other movies, too. And RDA... 'nuff said!

I am going to meet up with a friend from Canada and we'll share rooms which will be interesting since we never met before "g" This came very unexpected - I had not planned to go but things just fell together and now I'M GOING!

I'm still trying to recover from sorting out flight prices vs train prices and how long it takes with one or the other. I went from: I can only go for one day to going all three days because flights are actually cheaper and better time wise when you don't go from Fr to Sat but from Fr to Sun and train prices... sigh... it's cheaper but omg the time it takes to travel is so long ... while you could spend that time at the con... so I caved and decided to fly and stay two nights instead of just one.

Oy. I have not been to London since I was fifteen and it's a bit sad I won't get to see much else of the city than the convention, but there's not much time to do much else.

I'm excited!
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I'm glad now because I'm pretty sure if it was the same cabin as in SG-1 I would have noticed! LOL! Season 3 was already shot in Vancouver though, but still - not the right cabin.

It has a very nice lake though and while I was at it, I took some more caps...

Cabin Beauties )
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Well, there's no doubt about it - this is NOT the same cabin :p

And I also remembered that season 1 of Mac was filmed in LA so they wouldn't go to Vancouver for a cabin shoot, right? There is, however, another episode in later seasons where he's at a cabin and I'll check that out as well.

cabin pics )
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Taken out of the video from [personal profile] jdjunkie 's post here...

I managed to get rid of some of the big Huffington Post marks on some of them. Please feel free to use them if you like :)


Ehm... I forgot two... oops...

You can click on them and make them bigger )
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One Jack, two Jack/Daniel
By Annejack(danny)

I took caps from the Springbreak Convention (France) panel for Daniel's head and two pics from Starfest (Denver) for Jack. The background/body pics are old and I can't remember where I took 'em from, sorry.  

(click images to enlarge)

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Found this on [personal profile] campylobacter s LJ  here

1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.

H/c, angst, kidfic. And Jack/Daniel love (from teen rated to NC17 rated, everything goes)

2. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?
A mild form of BDSM – but am not brave enough to explore that in my own writing for some reason.

3. Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?

Deathfic where someone of the main character truly dies with no way of returning. Fics that deal with cancer or any other long terminal illness that leads to someone dieing. I had enough of that in real life, I do not need that in fic.

4. How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?
Two or three. One is a sequel to SJD and the other one is a sequel to „Things to do in Paris“

5. Share one of your strengths.
So far I’ve always finish stories I started eventually.

6. Share one of your weaknesses.

Editing and tweaking a story over and over and over and over...


Read more... )


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I HAVE to make a manip/wall whatever of RDA and MS both wearing those BEARDS! 

Seriously, I'm not a beard gal... with few exceptions... but it's kinda cute they are both wearing the same kind of facial hair atm. And I want them on a picture together.

So... looking out for piccies of da man to match him with da other man...

I'm thinking cabin fun.
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This morning I went through my old video files and found a couple of vids from way back ...

I have them on my website somewhere, but it's easier to dl from here. 

My vidding days might be over (never say never though...) but I sure had fun with da boyz through the years... I will post a couple more over the next days.

Here is Jack/Daniel at their best. 

Song is "Please Don't Leave me" by Pink

They argue and they fight, but in the end it's all about love :)

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From time to time I play in other fandoms and this is one I have come to love fast and deeply... made these three Athos walls for [personal profile] tanis and thought I'd share them here...

Pretties under here )
You can click them to make them big-ger :) 


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