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 First off - I finally got my new body for Bones. The original figure couldn't be undressed / re-dressed and if you know me, you'll know that's not an option to live with :p 

I don't know if this is of any interest to [personal profile] dieastra but here is a link to the body I am using now:

It comes with a couple of extras too (hands etc). You'll see that in more detail here:

Before you try to put the head on, you have to remove the neck and the big ball underneath it so you can stick McCoy's head on the smaller ball in the neck opening. But that works just fine. 

All the pics should have links to the bigger version if you clicky them. 

Bones doesn't have his any new outfits yet for his civilian life, so he had to borrow a suit from Jack today for a party they all attended to welcome Bones in our family. Jack wasn't impressed because the new guy stole his suit and he had to wear the old blue baggy one (sorry, Jack!). But it turned out Bones can play the piano and entertained the lovebirds, so Jack didn't zat him to get his suit back :)

"You don't happen to have a Mint Julep, or Saurian Brandy, by any chance?"
"Uh... beer?"

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