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who took it from [personal profile] badfalcon first...

 A Movie I Love:  Bridget Jones' Baby 
An Action Movie I Love: Die Hard
A Drama I Love: Ordinary Heroes 
A Western I Love: Dancing with Wolves (though I hate it at the same time)
A Horror Movie I Love: I'm not into horror movies so much. Give me a Stephen King book anytime though... 
A Comedy I Love: Christmas Vacation. Forever and always my favorite x-mas comedy
A Romance Movie I Love: Dirty Dancing
A Noir I Love: Um... I don't know...
A Disney Movie I Love: I am a Disney Movie junkie, but one of my all time favorites will always be Aristocats
A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Stargate
An Animated Movie I Love: Inside Out
A Superhero Movie I Love: I don't love Superhero movies with the one execption of XMen/Wolverine
A War Movie I Love: Does The Patriot count as a war movie?
An Exploitation Movie I Love: I vote Megasnake for Shanks too :) I have no idea what else to go for here
A Musical I Love: Cats
An Historical Movie I Love: It's a toss up between The Patriot and The Four Feathers
A Bad Movie I Love: The Treasure of the Grand Canyon (Shanks)
A Childhood Favorite: 101 Dalmatians
A Shakespeare Movie I Love: None that I can think off
A Franchise I Love: Star Trek 
A Trilogy I Love: The Lord of the Rings
A Guilty Pleasure I Love: Hmmm... Hannah Montana (runs and hides)
A Movie Recently Seen: Magical Beasts (I love anything Potter so YAY)
My Favorite of This Year: Bridget Jones' Baby
A Favorite of All Time: Dirty Dancing! 
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