Jan. 20th, 2017

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'waves at all my peeps on my flist'

First off I have to say I didn't 'do' anything for More Joy Day - I didn't manip, vid or finish the fic I'm working on. 

BUT I got a lot of joy today and in these first weeks of 2017 already. There's also already worries and angst, but I won't go into that today so let's go for the JOY!

What makes me HAPPY about today is:

-it's my kid's birthday (she's turning 19 today and omg omg time FLIES)

-it's DeForest Kelley's birthday which I am still quietly celebrating each year with a lit candle and some special thoughts of my very first actor crush/love/worship. He's the one real McCoy, no one can ever replace him or even try to fill his shoes in the ST universe for me. 

-I got mail that the Quantum Mechanix 'Bones' McCoy figure I ordered will be out in Febuary! And this is the very first one and only action figure that ever did him justice because just like the Kirk and Spock from that series he is sculpted and painted wonderfully and all kinds of awesome. You can see pics of him here 

All of this makes me happy, but the most important, the most wonderful, the most awesome reason for me to be happy is - I AM WRITING. This hasn't happened in 2016, not a word, not a thing, the muse took a hike and by December I was sure it had left me for good or at least for a much longer time than I thought. 

I love to write. I MISS writing terribly when I can't. But usually whenever I don't write I at least manip. However, that didn't happen either. But then  - out of the blue - it was back. And the words, they are flowing out of my mind, through my fingertips, into the keyboard, onto my screen and I'll be forever grateful for that little miracle.

I love my fandom, I love Jack/Daniel - this has never changed and hopefully will never change. They are my go-to place, my happy sanctuary. I want to say thank you to each of you who has continued writing, manipping, posting here and elsewhere to keep the fandom alive and to keep us entertained with da boyz. I love other shows, other fandoms, other pairings... but SG-1 will always be my home turf.

And whatever will happen after today and in the future, I will try as hard as I can to keep my happy place, well, happy.

Hugs and Love,


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