Feb. 2nd, 2016

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I just found this when cleaning up my e-mails... and thought I'd post it here. It was a Halloween challange to write a spookey drabble - I didn't really master the 'drabble' part, but it's kinda spookey. It's set in future time and Luke is probably around three years or something like that.  

Like Father Like Son
by Annejackdanny
Saving Hope Ficlet (was supposed to be a drabble, but I can't do 'shorter' than this).
Rated G

Happy Endings were Charlie's favorite... )
The girl in the shiny prom dress gazed at him in wonder. “You found me?”
Charlie put his phone away and smiled. “Yep. Your body is at the hospital. You’re still unconscious, but no longer critical. Go, find your body, so you can wake up.”
Charlie had spotted her wandering the playground when he and Luke arrived there. The prom dress had seemed a bit odd, but it was Halloween morning, so he hadn’t paid much attention. Until she’d said that she’d ‘lost’ her body somehow and needed help.
She had insisted she wasn’t dead, just ‘lost’. Couldn’t remember a thing, aside from being drunk and running away from a party.
Charlie had helped; it’s what he did. He couldn’t fight this ‘gift’ so he’d learned to live with it. And she was a young girl with a striking resemblance to Disney’s Cinderella. How did you say ‘no’ to that?
He’d got lucky with his first call. Hope Zion had her. Zach confirmed a Jane Doe had been brought in this morning, unconscious. Probably knockout drugs in her drinks.
“Bye, Charlie.” She blew air kisses his way and - was gone.
Charlie grinned. “Someone is really happy.” It were moments like this when he was at peace with his ‘gift’.
Luke blew air kisses, too, then waved and said, “Bye, happy lady, byeeee!”
The grin died on Charlie’s face and he turned Luke around to look at him. “Buddy? Who was that you said goodbye to?”
“The happy lady. You found her bag, dada.”
“Ye-ah. Good for her, huh?” Charlie took Luke’s hand.
He couldn’t deal with this now, couldn’t even truly comprehend what it would be like for his baby boy having to grow up with the burden of this ‘gift’.
But at least there was no doubt left about who this little boy’s father was.
That was something.


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